Page edited 14/07/2018

This list is provided as a convenient and searchable list of the currently-available MOC-ODs. To place an order, find your desired choice in our shop, or click on the course number in the left hand column of the list below.

Page through the list, or use the Search function, and then click on the link in the first column to find out more about the course.


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Generic Course NumberOrder ReferenceSingle Course or Packaged SetCourse NameLength of Access
20535OD20535ACSingle CourseArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions90 Days
20535ODX20535ACSingle CourseArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions180 Days
20535Q4P-00420Packaged SetArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions90 Days
20535Q4P-00422Packaged SetArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions180 Days