To ensure quality, we only offer a limited (but increasing) number of instructor-led training courses.

(Bear in mind, however, we can also provide training on Microsoft’s entire range of topics with Microsoft’s self-service option, Microsoft Official Courseware on-demand)

  • Our training is offered solely in subjects where we are confident that training will be of the highest quality, and we offer certified training, delivered by certified trainers, using official certified material (except where official certified material simply does not exist).
  • We can expand on the official material, and often do, to meet specific client requirements, but take extreme care to ensure a well-balanced learning experience, to ensure relevant certified material receives sufficient coverage to meet needs.
  • We offer only a small number of courses at this time, with a view to increasing that number as our abilities and processes expand to be able to ensure those courses can be delivered with the same attention to quality as our current offerings. We want you to be able to rely on our extensive efforts to offer only top quality training.
  • If you have specific training needs in topics or courses not specifically mentioned on this site, please ask. We are constantly developing our offerings, and may be able to prioritize our efforts to fit in with your timescales. Alternatively we may be able to call on associates to cater for any gaps.


The instructor-led training topics we offer at present are as follows :